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This is the very simple and interesting Online Copy Paste Backend Management Role. In this work role you have to just copy & paste the given data in respective fields. You do not have to worry for the data or search it from the internet, all data will be available here in the same. You have to just copy that data and paste in respective fields. No need to correct or edit any data. Just Copy & Paste. If data is not available then you have to just type "NO DATA" in that respective fields. All the guidance for which data you have to copy and where to paste is given there in "How to Fill Copy Paste Form". You have to once read it. There is also "Get Support" button by pressing this button you can take live help (24X7) from our "Get Support team" they will fill that form behalf of you. You can also "Skip the Form" if you are not interested to fill that form.

It Works on all devices : Mobile, Laptop, Desktop, Mobile Tablet, Smart TV (All Devices which has Internet and Browser access)
It Works on all Operating System (OS) : Android, Windows, iOS, MAC, Linux and all.

Copy Paste Work is Available in 2 Types...

Fixed Work
Work From Home
Forms Minimum 3000 Forms Self Taken by You (In multiple of 100)
Time 7 Days Self Taken by You (1 Day to 30 Days)
Mistake 100 2% of Forms
Get Support Unlimited 2% of Forms
Skip Form Yes
Mistake's Report Available within 5 Min on your Profile
Payments Check Training Panel for Payment (Click Here)
Training & Guidance is available on Training Panel.

Appointment Letter & ID Card within 5 minutes.

Payment: - Rs. 10 per Entry(Minimum) to Rs. 25 per Entry(Maximum)

Adventus Technology is an Indian origin Backend Management, Digital Marketing & Lead Generation Company in Mumbai. We are specialize in Backend Management, Digital Marketing & Lead generation process. Our clients are from all the corner of the world who wants to advertise their products & services in metro cities of India.

For doing this we need huge amount of genuine data from all possible sources. Online portal are the best source to get live and verified data(60-80%) of different categories. We can directly mine data from these portal, but now these days almost all the portal uses Robot or Data mining control algorithm to prevent data mining from their website, and also data mine through software is having lots of garbage and missing data fields.

Here we do this by both way first grabe data from these portal then get filter these data by Human entry one by one and also cross check it by our data mining algorithm, thus we get highly (99.99%) accurate data for our Digital Marketing & Lead Generation process.

Online Work
Mobile No. Editing
Online Work
Typing Work

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Adventus Technology is an Indian Backend Management, origin Digital Marketing & Lead Generation Company in Mumbai West. We are specialize in Digital Marketing & Lead generation process. Our clients are from all the corner of the world who wants to Manage their Backend Process, Advertise their Products & Services in metro cities of India.

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